Wild, Autumnal Wedding Ceremony Backdrop


Abundance, texture and intimacy were the order of the day for Tasmin and Becky’s autumn wedding at Garthmyl Hall. Designing with the couple, the season and the venue in mind, this ceremony backdrop was a true labour of love, a meaningful composition calling upon the season’s exquisite natural beauty. 

The palette was a true reflection of the time of year; warm, rich and decadent, including rusts and burgundies, lifted with dusty pinks and soft whites. My carefully curated ingredient list included: black baccara roses, blackberry scoop scabious, deep red hydrangea, hellebore, daucus, and toffee-coloured roses, to name a few. Not forgetting the inclusion of seasonal foliage and dried ingredients to add texture, depth and interest. Conscious of the emotional intent behind each element, I placed special importance on the movement throughout. The installation was sculptural yet organically feminine, trailing up the summerhouse walls as if it had established roots and been there for some time. 

We further enhanced this magical time of year with an abundance of candles which surrounded the couple during the ceremony and lined the tables as they dined, offering a warm, gentle glow throughout the wedding day. 



Nesta Lloyd

Garthmyl Hall, Powys

Tasmin AND Becky

“A huge thank you to our florist, Donna, for being the kindest soul and making all our dreams a reality”

scabiosa columbaria

scabiosa columbaria