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Contemporary Florals
and Architectural Installations

Modern Wedding Flowers

From an artful bouquet to a full-scale installation, I specialise in creating arrangements that retain the sense of spontaneity found in the beauty and bounty of nature. My bridal bouquets are organic in feel, and my installations are filled with depth and movement. I hand-select every flower and piece of foliage, growing my own and foraging where possible to ensure each and every stem has a place at your wedding and is positioned at its most perfect angle.

From concept to flower selection, design, and final delivery, I will guide you every step of the way. It’s important to me that we consider not only how the day will look but how it will feel. This imagining and exploration will ensure your wedding florals can change and evolve as the day unfolds.  


It’s a true joy to distil a couple’s wishes with my vision and create a magical atmosphere for their special day. This evocative experience can be achieved with florals but is only enhanced through the careful consideration of the overall design. This ensures everything is brought together in one cohesive story, from the table linen to the vessels, the glassware to the candles. Together we can transform every detail into a unified, immersive, and meaningful work of art. Sometimes, the florals are just the beginning.


As a floral designer, I believe our creative process is more aligned with an interior designer or a chef; busy hands taming raw, fragile ingredients, respecting every location’s story whilst carefully considering its history, characteristics, and surroundings. 

Whilst I am content working alone, being able to explore my creativity with fellow floral designers or via a wildly imaginative brief from a photographer, wedding planner, or venue is an opportunity I relish. To explore exciting new ideas as a team, always incorporating style, substance, and a little bit of magic.

Enquire About Freelance

From the bouquets, ceremony florals, centrepieces, and installations, so many variations are taken into account when pricing. I am probably not the cheapest, nor am I the most expensive wedding floral designer you’ll come across, but my clients are typically looking to elevate their wedding aesthetic with generous, bespoke florals and feel united by a mutual love of art and the natural world. 

My studio is devoted to a limited number of design projects per year. This is to ensure I give each one my everything and am fully intentional throughout the creative process.


Each wedding/event is custom designed. 

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“From the initial sketches we received, to the execution of every floral detail. Completely obsessed with you and your work.”


next steps

Get in touch to find out how I can weave together your initial plans and ideas to form a beautifully styled event, to be remembered for years to come.

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