“I must have flowers, always, and always.”

Claude Monet

Of all the influences in my life, it has been a place rather than a person that has defined my character the most. The Welsh hills, a place of uncompromising beauty, kindled my love for nature in all its forms, which is why I now bring its wilds, its paintbox, and its landscapes to my work as a floral artist.

Being patient, kind, resilient, and learning to let go are the vital lessons my flower garden has taught me, as well as honouring the changing of the seasons. In the slow, bleak winter, I contemplate what will transpire and emerge from the damp soil, but having grown up on a farm, in spring, it is like we all come alive all over again, right on schedule. 

“Standing knee-deep in buckets and blooms, surrounded by earth at its fullest, I am truly at my happiest.”

My Approach

Every project offers a new story and is approached with a fresh perspective in order to create the right atmosphere and narrative, celebrate beauty, and awaken the senses.  

 For me, growing and working with flowers is so much more than creating pretty bouquets. In fact, a floral designer will think beyond a beautiful table arrangement and consider all of the opportunities available within the space. I take the time to get to know my clients and the venue, paying close attention to nuance and detail. I call on the surrounding landscape and architectural features to help form my designs, ensuring there is a perfect synergy between the location and the flowers I hope to place there.

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anemone hupehensis

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“What you created for our special day was beyond magical. You have such an amazing gift and a talent made sweeter by the fact you are such a truly lovely soul and unbelievably modest to boot.”

scabiosa columbaria

scabiosa columbaria