Contemporary Floral
Art Installation


Working in collaboration with a collective of Welsh floral artists, our concept was to create an installation that was a reflection of the raw and rugged landscape that surrounds us in Wales. This was a floral brief like no other; it led to a week of creativity, listening, sketching, planning and experimenting until we had the perfect plan in place. 

The result was an exhibition all about sustainability and repurposing, but it was always going to be so much more than just a floral display. As it had to be in situ for a month, the final design was, in fact, a considered everlasting piece of art, which managed to juxtapose the raw and edgy with the elegant and delicate through layered materials and textured application. 

Our ingredients and materials included bracken, old man’s beard, dried larkspur, hops, rope, grasses, cardboard, and wood, which goes to show that the simplest of things can create the most magnificent art.



Abby Poulson

Oriel Myrddin, Carmarthen

Unlearned Exhibition

scabiosa columbaria

scabiosa columbaria