Abundant Wildflower Meadow Floral Installation


A floral design brief beyond my wildest dreams. 

From day one, Steph and Bryns knew that florals were the perfect avenue for creating a meaningful, impactful and awe-inspiring ambience for their big day, especially with The Giraffe Shed as their wedding venue as it is the ultimate blank canvas space. 

Inspired by the surrounding landscapes, the wild and natural elements of the earth, and drawing on both Steph’s Chinese culture and Bryns’ Welsh heritage, I designed an immersive floral spectacle which drew their guests into an abundant wildflower meadow as soon as they stepped through the door. 

My biggest challenge was designing and creating the 7m curved aerial installation to mirror the shape of the organic aisle design below. Whilst the hanging installation would remain in place, the aisle florals were multi-use, being free to move between locations to create different looks throughout the wedding weekend. 

This really was more than just a floral display. This ambitious creation featuring chocolate ranunculus, apricot stock, garden-grown geum, masses of statice and bunny tales, grasses galore, and so much more was designed to inspire a deeper connection to nature and the surrounding Welsh countryside.



Louise Griffin Photography

Giraffe Shed, Powys


“Donna took the vision out of my head and not only did she make it a reality but she exceeded our wildest dreams. From the initial sketches we received, to the execution of every floral detail. Completely obsessed with you and your work. You’re an incredible talent. We will be forever grateful.”

scabiosa columbaria

scabiosa columbaria